Are you in search of how to delete bookmate account? Or to cancel your subscription, you are on the right part. We find out that millions of people out there are secretly searching for how to remove their account.

This account is only made for those that are using mobile. has been receiving comments from the users from so many parts of the world. That is the major reason we have to create this page to address this issue at hand.

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The question is, have you made up your mind to delete bookmate account? If your mind is made that means this page is officially made for you. All we need from you is to follow up with the instruction that we will be providing.

But before that, we will outline the major things you stand to lose when you delete your account.

Things You Will Not Like To Miss Out On

At this point, we will tell you some of those things that you will not like to miss out on. Deleting your account is not the best thing to do, you can use our comments box to tell us the problem.

We want you to think before you made up your mind on deleting your account. Things you miss out on are as follows.

You will not longer make use of your account with iOS, Android, Windows Phone for free.

Once you delete your account you will not be able to use the mobile app.

Can not access over 500,000 books when you remove your account.

And so many other things that we do not outline on this page. As we said before, tell us the reason(s) that you want to delete your account.

The comments box is made free for all our visitors from all over the world. At this point, we are going to show you how to delete your account.

Delete Bookmate Account Free

Removing your account is what we are here for. All we need from you is to use the guidelines we about to provide right below.

My dear, you need to log in to your bookmate account by making use of the link right below.

By using your username and password. Make sure you use the correct username and password.

Once you have logged in to your account Click the profile button.

Also, click on settings at that point you will see delete account click on the tab.

After that, you have to identify that you are the owner of the account by entering the password and click delete.

That is how to delete bookmate account. Make use of our comments box if you have any questions or contributions about how to Cancel Subscription.

Our team is here to help you as much we can at any point in time. All you need to do is to type in your question on the comments box below.

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  1. I never subscribed to Bookmate LTD.
    Already last year they tried to debit a subscription fee from me credit card.
    Now, on the 12th of February, they tried again.
    My bank’s fraud department phoned me and insisted to block the card.
    How is it possible to stop their fraudulent activities?
    I am a poor pensioner and cannot afford the cost for a new credit card.
    W K Knopf

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