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  1. Request to remove my account

    1. Abdiaziz Muktar says:

      I request to remove my account from the betika

  2. nathan mokaya says:

    Delete my account I no longer need it

  3. nathan mokaya says:

    Please treat it a matter of urgency. Remove my account

  4. otieno erick bala says:

    Kindly delete my betika account

  5. Musa Kagazi says:

    Please remove my account Urgently.

  6. Musa Kagazi says:

    Please remove my account I no longer want to bet

  7. kevin macharia says:

    pls delete my account im losing a lot of money…,be quick

  8. Please remove my account Urgently

  9. pls delete my account I’m losing a lot of money…, be quick

  10. Delete my betika account I no longer need it

  11. Collins Kerio says:

    Deactivate my account.

  12. Mariko Nguka the says:

    Remove my account urgently… venturing into some business/education studies and I will need total concentration please do it an as soon as possible thanks

  13. Wyckilife says:

    I request to remove my account in betika

  14. Wyckilife says:

    I don’t want to bet in betika again remove me pliz

  15. Cheruiyot Lazarus says:

    Delete my account

  16. Deactivate my account

  17. Please i don’t want to see betika account I don’t want it totally in my life it makes me fail in life

  18. Kindly deactivate the account. I DON’T WANT IT ANYMORE.
    Delete permanently without retrieval.

  19. Kindly delete my account permanently

  20. Please remove my account permanently please you aren’t fair in the casino I clear my bet you decide to take my money.Thank you

  21. Gideon Mule says:

    please delete my betika account

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