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  1. Alh. Ibrahim sulaiman says:

    Your customer care, sincerely speaking is not functioning both the numbers and online. But you can disturb someone with calls when he doesn’t need you.

    If possible I want to deactivate my account because you are not ready to attend to a customer when they need for that arise!

    They’re other decoders I can turn to, that will provide me with all I want.

    1. deletetap says:

      We are so sorry for the inconvenience. What do you want us to do for you, Sir?

  2. Hi! I have been using a StarTimes digital TV with no decoder and just an aerial. I only had the free to air channels and today I decided to subscribe for the combo package. After paying it didn’t work and was told that it can’t because of my location.

    I have decided to forget the money and go back to my free to air channels but nothing is working.

    1. deletetap says:

      Visit our nearest office close to you… We will fix it for you

  3. I have never activated StarTimes but still, past one year they are deducting my money.I want to deactivate it, please

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