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  1. Please help me deactivate my account it doesn’t want to deactivate, I don’t understand the app

    1. deletetap says:

      Go ahead and use guidelines on this page. Your account will be removed.

      1. alex mcdonald says:

        Please cancel

      2. Henry Neal says:

        To leave my

    2. Orrett duncan says:

      Could you please delete my mydate account

    3. Could you delete mydate website

  2. Mark Evans says:

    Please delete my mydates account

    1. Zai Mercy says:

      Hw can I delete the information on be my date

  3. There is no “setting” button. I have gone through all the FAQ and it literally states that your account remains active because there is no membership, so there is nothing to cancel.

  4. I want to delete this app to my phone

  5. Roland Ström says:

    Please delete my account on mydates.
    username: rollest

  6. Yes delete my account mydates

  7. The reason is full of my email address inbox thanks and a lot of messages thanks to deleting my account

  8. eric chapman says:

    I wish to cancel and delete my details on your website as I no longer require it and have found someone.
    Thank you

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