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  1. Brita Flander says:

    I have reason to believe that an account at Luno was drawn in my name. How to proceed to cancel this

    1. deletetap says:

      Use the procedures we provided above.

  2. But I can’t see any deleted account in the settings. What else can I do?

  3. I can’t find the delete account button

    1. deletetap says:

      Send email

  4. Akpochimara blessing says:

    Luno help me change my number
    I have lost the sim I used to register b4 now and I need to send BTC to someone

  5. There’s no delete account in the setting. Only sign out. How else should I delete my Luno account?

    1. deletetap says:

      Dyka what you will do is to Just log in to your account, hover over your profile image in the top navigation bar, then click Settings. From there, select the “Privacy” tab.

      In the options that appear, you’ll see “Delete my Account.” Click it.

    2. Once I was young I joined Luno I didn’t know what was the use of it but now I have problems on it all my verification it’s still existing and I have forgotten them any help I want to open a new luno account any help to delete my old luno account, please

  6. Collins Ekuvero says:

    Please I just got an email that my luno has been locked so I have been trying soo many times to unlock it but it’s not working out but now I don’t want to use luno anymore I want to get it deleted, please.

    1. deletetap says:

      We are so sorry for the inconvenience. Make use of the guidelines that is provided above.

  7. Dreamboat says:

    After inputting my email I get d message “use forget password” and then when I click it I get to the sign-up page

  8. Olaosun oluwaseun says:

    I am tired of my Luno account, I have lost all access to the account and this is stopping me from making use of the new account, I need it deleted

  9. There is no delete icon beneath the setting.

    There is no such thing

    Please I really need to delete my link account
    Please show me how

  10. I would like to delete my Luno account to make a new one. I can’t change to FNB when I make a deposit, there is no option for me to change so I would like to delete and create a new one.

  11. Prosper Joseph says:

    Please luno I can’t find a “delete account” what should I do?

  12. Prosper Joseph says:

    Please luno how do I also change my date of birth because whenever I try to verify my account it says that when I get to 18yrs it will notify me and still doesn’t verify the account please help me out here

  13. christabel says:

    i’m not up to 18year can i delete my account.

  14. Which page should i use to delete my luno account

  15. Tshwarelo says:

    Delete all my registered luno

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