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  1. I wanna delete this completely no help I cant spend or attempt spending for this

  2. Ericamcquillan says:

    I want to delete my account

  3. Ericamcquillan says:

    Deleted my account not interested

  4. Merly Montecalvo says:

    Delete my account please

  5. Jennifer Turner says:

    Please stop all payments to date my age asap now today jenny turner

  6. Jenny Turner says:

    Please return to my bank account money taken from 14 Dec and 15 Dec asap Jennifer Turner jenny thank you

  7. Jenny Turner says:

    Request to delete my account

  8. Alexander Tharmakan says:

    Request to delete my account
    Please cancel the deduction done today

  9. Nelly Mendez says:

    He decidido cancelar el acesso de la aplicacion de DateMyAge, no es lo que esperaba y aparecen muchos jovenes, no las edades que habia indicado. No quiero recibir mas emails referente a esta aplicacion, gracias

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