How to Delete Captions On Your TV Free:- Closed Captioning is a brilliant accessibility tool that assists people who cannot hear properly while they watch their favorite shows. It is also very useful if you do not wish to disturb those around while you entertain yourself in front of your television.

However, at times, they could feel like they are occupying too much space, and no one wants that on the screen. Not to worry though, in this tutorial, we will break down how to get rid of those captions, and show you the way to check if the caption settings are activated for various kinds of services. See How To Delete Captions On Your TV.

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How Can I Delete Captions On Your TV:

Direct TV Captions:

All modern television sets come with the closed captioning feature. It is an industry-standard that everyone knows about. What is not a standard is if it is activated by default or not when you buy it newly. If you see captions on the television and you want to get rid of them, try these methods below:

1. Check The Remote:

A lot of TVs come with a dedicated button for closed captioning. It could be named captions or labeled CC on the remote.

2. Check The TV Settings:

Some television sets have closed captioning kept hidden in their menus. Just access the menu on your television and search for settings. Closed captions are mostly seen either under “Display” or they will have their own standalone menu.

2. Check The TV Manual:

If the closed caption setting is nowhere to be found on your remote or TV menu, check your TV’s manual to be guided.

How Can I Check The Casting Service Closed Captions:

If you are casting shows to your television with a device like Chromecast or Roku, their caption settings could be enabled too. Adhere to these instructions:

1. Chromecast:

Chromecast makes use of an Android phone to cast to your television, therefore the controls are visible on the device you are using. On your Android phone, click menu, the 3 dots, in the upper right corner of the play/pause menu. Choose “Closed captions” and deactivate it.

2. Roku Streaming Stick:

On the Roku remote, simply press ““. Select “Closed Captions” and then disable it. Press “” once more to close the menu.

3. Amazon Fire TV:

Press the menu button on the Fire TV remote, select “Turn Subtitles Off.”

4. Apple TV:

While the video is playing, scroll down on the remote. On the “Info” menu, select “Subtitles” then select “Off.”

How Can I Close Captions On Connected Devices:

If you are viewing films or TV series on DVD or Blu-ray, the possibility that your player, and not your television is responsible for activating captions is high.

Therefore, just the same way you check the caption settings on the TV, check the device’s remote to confirm if there is a closed captions button.

You can even check the device’s menus to know if it is activated. Be aware that Closed Captions might be named “Subtitles.”

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